We are pleased to bring to you a Punknews exclusive premiere for California based duo Summerfell. The duo released a lyric video for their third single of the year, “On My Own", see below. The single is now available on all streaming platforms and harks their own brand of hook-heavy, alternative rock.

“On My Own is the first song I have a really hard time talking about because in my mind it’s a combination of everything I’ve been through in life and how it has shaped me. I try really hard to be a positive person but deep down sometimes I see the world through really grim lenses because of some of the experiences I’ve had. Hearing this song always makes me very emotional because there’s something so haunting about the performance so this is one of the songs we’ve been looking forward to releasing the most, simply because of how relevant it is to the current times we live in. The world is changing really fast and there’s so much division and tension that I wonder a lot about what is the purpose of humanity and why do we have to live through so much darkness. Then there are those small random moments of pure euphoric joy we live through, and they kind of pull me back to a part of me that thinks our existence has to mean something. Overall, this song is about learning to forgive and embracing the broken, flawed pieces that make up who we are instead of letting them destroy us, and I really hope someone out there can relate to that.” – Vanessa Wolff