Fucked Up have released a live set recorded at CBGB's in 2006. The band stated: "We've all got to believe in "2006" at some point or another in our lives. I thought it might have simply come and gone, but it turns out the bottomless vaults of our archive have provided a brief wormhole into its existence. In this version you could find remarkable feats of analogue musical participation flowing freely through space in the big wide cities of the big wide world. It was the land before guitar tuners, tempo checks, backing vocals, or monitor mixes. It was the time in which we all etched one phrase into our minds as young impressionable musicians finding their way on this earth: "Nice set dude, can we borrow your amps.""

The release is digital only at this point and was mastered by the band's Jonah Falco. You can check it out below.