Adolescents to release covers album

The Adolescents will release a new album on October 23 via Kung Fu/Cleopatra records. It's an early punk and pre-prunk covers album and is called Russian Spider Dump. The release is the band's first LP since the passing of bassist and founding member Steve Soto. Brad Logan of f-minus and Leftover Crack is now in the band on bass. The band covers Redd Kross, the Germs, The Dils, Dickies, Spirit and a lot more. You can see the track list below.

Russian Spider Dump
1. Fuck You
2. Lion’s Share
3. Just Say Yes
4. Class War
5. Crayon World
6. Dirty Bomb
7. Pink Piece Of Peace
8. Fast, Fucked & Furious
9. God Bless America
10. Home Is Where
11. I Like Drugs
12. I Got A Line On You
13. Not Going Back Home
14. Not With You
15. Back Door