Today, we are pleased to debut the new track by Stuffy Shmitt. On "Jim's Dad," Stuffy channels lou Reed, Tom Watts, and even a little Mountian Goats amd crafts a track that is easy going… and extrmely dark.

Speaking to Punknews, Stuffy said: "I used to hang out at a bar called Drake’s Drum in Manhattan. I played rock and roll a lot. I drank a lot. I had a friend called Lory Lazarus who didn’t drink at all, looked like Harpo Marx and wrote musical comedies—I hate musical comedies. He wore orange a lot—I hate orange. One of his musicals, The Reunion of Sam, had a scene where a couch gave birth to many little foam-rubber couches. The song was called “I Vouch For A Couch”—that will give you an idea of where we’re going here. Lory wanted to write songs with me. I didn’t wanna write songs with Lory. He kept hounding me. So finally I made a deal with him. We’d go around the corner to my fifth floor walk-up and write songs. If it took over twenty minutes to write one, he would have to go to Drake’s Drum with me and buy me drinks 'til 4 a.m. As a result, we wrote something like 15 songs in under 20 minutes. They were ridiculous but really catchy. We laughed for 19 minutes straight and the session was over.

So we called ourselves Scratch & Sniff, played one gig in a basement somewhere uptown, and the song “Jim’s Dad” was resurrected for my new record Stuff Happens, dropping Dec. 4. I rewrote some lyrics, but basically it’s the same tune. It’s a song about a classic suburban family. Nice ranch house, nice lawn and dinner every night at six on the dot, then television and early to bed. Then, as in most families I know, something goes terribly wrong. A lot of people take this song very seriously as an American sort of anthem, the myth of the white picket fence. And I get that, but I still can’t stop laughing."

You can pick up the new album here and you can check out the new track below, right now!