Today, we are pleased to debut the new EP by The Shell Corporation!

The Shell Corporation walk the fine line between the old and new schools. At the forefront, the band whips out riffs akin to the surf-rockabilly of East Bay Ray and the OC bands. But, as classically eded as the band is, they look to modern punk for that melodic touch- at times, the band hits on delicate, multi-part harmonies. That's no easy feat considering the chassis here rumbles as hard as it does. Fittingly, between these two poles, the band ails against the state of the world, while taking time to skewer punk rock itself, as well.

Speaking to Punknews, guitarist Curtiss Lopez described the new tracks as: "Five new songs that will make you say 'I liked their first album better', and 'They really decided to rip off Bad Kennedys this time, have they no shame?'”

You can pick up the band's new EP right here… and you can check out the whole thing below, right now!