Nautical Mile : "Purgatory"

We are pleased to bring to you a Punknews Exclusive premiere for Australian alt-pop punk band Nautical Mile. The band just signed to Manic Kat Records and will be dropping a new record sometime next year. See below to check out their latest music video for "Purgatory". The track is about the story of loss and the process of grieving.

“Purgatory takes the listener through the process of grief and loss. The songs title reflects the feeling of being stuck between two places during the grieving process, with the track alluding to the waking nightmare that it causes. Musically this song is a development of the sound that we built with tracks such as Regicide or The Only Way Is Through from our album The Only Way Is Through and sets the precedent for where we want to head with our songwriting. Lyrically the track draws on our own personal battles with loss and the grieving process - something we’re sure listeners can relate to.

The video tries to capture the raw emotions felt during the grieving process, fear, confusion, anger and loss. The subject of the video is searching for answers inside their own head, but when they finally find them they’re terrified of the truth they uncover. Normally dreams would be escape from the hell that a person is suffering, however grief can wreak havoc on the mind. This is not uncommon for someone suffering from grief, and we really wanted to convey this cycle of anguish in the video.” – Dan Ray