Screamers to release first official record ever

In surprising news, last night, Superior Viaduct records announced that they will release the first ever officially released Screamers recordings. The Screamers were an exceptionally influential band in the early LA punk scene. The band as founded by Tomata du Plenty (vocals), Tommy Gear (synthesizers, vocals), David Brown (electric piano) and KK Barrett (drums), though they underwent some lineup changes, with Paul Roessler eventually joining. However, the band broke up before releasing any records, though they were working on a feature film that was never completed. Tomata Du Plenty passed away in 2000.

Now, the band's first ever official recordings will be released. Demo Hollywood 1977 is out January 22nd, 2021. The tracklist is: "Magazine Love", "Punish Or Be Damned", "Anything", "Mater Dolores," and "Peer Pressure." Hear the lead single below.