KRS-One releases new video, will release new album

KRS-One released a new video last night. It's called "Don't Fall for It" and you can see it below. He also announced that he'll be releasing a new album. Between Da Protests is out December 21st, 2020. His last album was Streelight from 2019, though he released a mixtape with Kid Capril earlier this year.

KRS stated: "I just came out the studio with that HOT SHIT!!! Peace and prosperity to everyone reading these words! This is KRS-One, and I’m about to release my 23rd album entitled Between Da Protests; obviously the title speaks for itself. This is revolution music! I was going to wait until sometime in 2021 to begin the releasing of singles, but I think we need this right now! As I see it, it is not just about protesting injustice; it is also about being just. It is also about staying motivated and focused upon what is real and what is right, and not getting distracted by the obvious hype. Between Da Protests is my artistic effort to inspire those that openly protest injustice not to become complacent or demotivated, but to keep planning, keep learning and keep marching toward justice! We’ve been here before, struggle is eternal, and so are our victories over it! Hard-ass beats under that original raw street-rhyming is what Between Da Protests is all about. Enjoy."