Charlie Lowe was the manager for Beach Slang. (She is still listed as the manager of the band on the band's website). Last night, she accused the band's James Alex of being emotionally abusive, among other things.

Via Twitter, she stated, "I endured constant emotional, psychological & narcissistic abuse from James Alex for years. I have learned he sells his too-kind-to-be-true persona to hide that he is truly the most selfish horrible person I will ever meet. I was diagnosed with C-PTSD from how he treated me. So basically, fuck him. Fuck his made up music personality. Fuck his fake kindness. Fuck him for using me almost daily. Fuck him for making me want to commit s*****e to get out. Fuck him for my therapy bills & medication. Fuck him for alienating me from everyone I love. Fuck him for using me as his goddamn personal servant, on tour & not. For making sure I was always so financially fucked with no other options. For being a textbook narcissist abuser. For making me feel so worthless & alone. I see you clearly now. Fuck you.You know what, I’m not done. Fuck him for punching holes through things because he was sick of me crying by his own hand. Fuck him for calling me an “ungrateful bitch” when I said I wanted to see my friends. For telling me I would have nothing without him. For telling me I would have no friends without him. Fuck him for literally saying to me that treating me badly made him feel like a “rockstar”. I spent years of my life being consumed with fear & anxiety. FUCK YOU."

Beach Slang have not issued a statement, though their social media has been relatively quiet for the past year. Some of their social media accounts have been deleted.