Pinhead Gunpowder

Starting this year, Pinhead Gunpowder will re-release their entire discography in five segments. 1-2-3-4 Go Records is handling the entire series. All of the band's LPs and singles are being issued in vinyl format. The relese dates are: (4/30/21): Jump Salty LP, Trundle and Spring 7-inch; (6/11/21): Carry The Banner LP, Fahizah 7-inch; (9/10/21): Goodbye Ellston Avenue LP, At Your Funeral 7-inch (songs from two splits); (11/26/21): Shoot The Moon LP, 8 Chords 328 Words 7-inch; (3/11/22): Compulsive Disclosure LP, West Side Highway 7-inch. The releases are remastered and some of the LPS are cut at 45 rpm.The band has been mostly inactive since 2010.