Check out the new Patriarchy / Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly) video!

Today, we are pumped to debut the new Patriarchy video!

Patriarchy is the project helmed by Actually Huizenga and Andrew Means of 3Teeth. The band cranks out industrial that is low, heavy, and mean. Meanwhile, Huizenga sings in a style that seems to be as influenced by Bauhaus as '90s alt-pop. If Gwen listened to Skinny Puppy and NIN, it might sound like this.

Reverse Circumcision is the project's new remix LP. The new version of "Grind Your Bones" is remixed by Rhys Fulber of industrial-titans Front Line Assembly. True to form, Fulber boils the track down to its skeleton and then injects a driving beat into the core. The video is gnarly as hell so you really just have to watch it for yourself.

Reverse Circumcision is out now. You can pick that up here and you can check out the video below, right now!