Penny Rimbaud of Crass and Marc Carroll have released a new recording. It's called Love Is All Or Love Is Not At All and it's a stand alone digital single. Rimbaud did the lyrics and vocals and Carroll handled the music.

Rimbaud stated: "LOVE IS NOT JUST FOR VALENTINE’S. In our current isolation, enforced or otherwise, we are alone yet at the same time together in a common global malaise. Could we but realise it, it is precisely that togetherness which is the true form of love. Any presumption beyond this is a dangerous folly. Love exists way beyond any of our temporal and specific ideas of love. The greatest act of love is simply in its being. Love is not a token gesture, not a seduction technique, not a personalised expression of sloppy sentimentality. Unconditional by nature, love is all or love is not at all; no before, no after, no now. Only love, and therein the great conflagration. Let the flames of rise eternal. Happy Valentine’s. Penny Rimbaud, 2021"

You can hear the song below.