Check out Mackie from Blitz covering... Blitz!

Today, we are mega-excited to debut a video with a bona fide punk legend!

Mackie McLennan formed the legendary Blitz with Carl Fisher, Charlie Howe, and Nidge Miller in 1980. The band kicked out three KILLER albums including the oi! mega classic Voice of a Generation and the post-punk masterpiece Second Empire Justice. "New Age" was a single released during one of the band's transitionary phases… the kicker being that Mackie wasn't on the original single version!

So now, for a bit of fun, he has recorded a new version of the "New Age" single. Speaking to Punknews, Mackie said: "Back in the first UK lockdown I decided to do a cover of one of my favorite Blitz songs, new age, I played on the early practice versions of the song but left the band before it got recorded, I got Greg ( ex violators ) to do some live drums, and I went into Pressure drop studios in between the second lockdown and did some guitars, Bass and vocals, I sent the song to Josh at rad girlfriend and he loved it and decided to put it out on a great 4 way split."

Nice One, the four way split with Mackie, The Slow Death, Tiltwheel, and Spoilters is out via Rad Girlfriend Records. You can pre-order it right here and you can check out Mackie's take on "New Age" below, right now!