Record Store Day to do RSD Drops again for 2021
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Due to Covid, Record Store Day modified its 2020 plans. Where it had previously hosted two Record Store Day events - RSD proper in April and RSD Black Friday in November - it had four individual "RSD Drops" where there were four smaller record store days spread across the Summer and Fall.

It looks like this year, the organization will follow a similar plan.

They stated: "We're not quite there yet with crystal ball technology, so we're still going to be extra-cautious in 2021 and bring back the RSD DROPS. June 12 and July 17 will both be street date when great titles are released at indie record stores the world over[…] As they did last year for the three RSD Drops, stores will be handling sales and store procedures in the way they determine to be right for themselves and their community and that may mean something different than you're used to. We recommend you check in with your local record stores--join their email lists, follow them on social media-- so you're as in the loop as possible. We'll be launching the List of titles for both RSD Drops dates soon."

We'll keep you updated.