Baltimore, MD based punks start new podcast called Crash Test Podcast. The show is a brand new 30 minutes spoken work program launching April 5th, 2021 featuring a collection of stories by heavy hitting touring artists. The show is hosted by Pat Martin (End It and Old Lines) and Neal Page (The Mishaps, Radical Discharge and Panic Problem). This month launching line-up features chats with Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners, Blake Midgette, Gus Bowman, and Ian MacDougall of Riverboat Gamblers.

Today we have the premiere of the podcast theme song, titled "You Can Crash With Me”, which highlights clips from this months episodes. The track was recorded by the hosts and mixed and mastered by Matt Redenbo. The episodes can be heard on all streaming services wherever you listen to podcasts starting April 5th. For more information on the show or the creators, you can click here.

ALSO, The creators are hosting a contest to promote the Podcast, for all the details on the contest see the video below.