The Venomous Pinks

Today, we are stoked to bring you a premiere for the new song from Arizona based punk band The Venomous Pinks! The song is the live version of their cover of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ “I Want You” and is off of their upcoming live EP Based On A True Story. The four song EP features recordings from the Bridge City Sessions set that the Venomous Pinks recorded mid-way through their tour before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Drummer Cassandra Jalilie said of the recording,

"After speeding across states and trying to beat the clock for a couple of days, we told the Bridge City Sessions crew we only had so much time to wrap things, rush across town, to play a sold out show at the Twilight Lounge. They told us we could only get through a couple of songs. We ended up recording our whole EP. It was insane because they told us, ‘no other band has been able to go through an entire set that fast before in one take.’ Even they were blown away!”

Guitarist and vocalist Drea Doll added,

“The true sound of the Venomous Pinks is hearing a live set”

Based On A True Story will be out April 23. Click here to pre-save the EP. The Venomous Pinks released their EP I Want You! in 2020. Listen to the new song below!

Based On A True Story Tracklist

1. I Want You

2. Todos Unidos

3. I Really Don't Care

4. Hold On