Check out the new video by Tim Foljahn!

Today, we are pleased to debut the new video by Tim Foljahn!

If you don't know Foljahn, you probably know his guitar. Over the years, he's been the string-slinger for the alt-rock stars, including Thurston Moore and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth, Cat Power, Half Japanese, Townes Van Zandt and many more. His new record, I dreamed a dream is on the money with its name. The record drifts by in a wave of soaring soundscapes, majestic strings, and a oft-disconcerting gauzy feel. The video for "Once," exemplifies this. A collection of trippy images float by, awash in dayglo, while Foljahn uses the dreamy meloduy of mid 60s Beatles, the distant melancholy of Johnny Cash, and the ragged nature of post-punk.

Speaking to Punknews, Foljahn said, "The arrangement of this song by Jeremy Wilms is so spectacular, I really was at a loss for the video treatment. This ancient, psychedelic, somewhat funerary ritual follows the stately procession through disillusionment. It's a little creepy. Kinda 80's. I was going for Ken Russell on acid. More acid. Still more acid. It was the first video for the record so everything about it was experimental. A little more. That's it."

I Dreamed a Dream is out May 7 by Cart/Horse Record. Meanwhile, you can see the video for "Once" below, right now!