Today, we are pleased to debut the new track by T-Tops!

"Palomino" is the band's new tune and when people think of the word palomino, tnhey usually think of fun, pony rides. That does NOT apply here. This is a low, mean, swinging noise-rock smasher. This track punches like Unsane and has the unhinged vitriol of late era Black Flag. There is a lot of heavy riffage, a lot of growling, and a TON of psychic venom. It is NOT a joy ride… but it sure rocks.

Speaking to Punknews, Singer/Guitarist Patrick Waters said, "This song is another chunky riff, slapper, but more quiet-loud dynamics. The lyrics are all over the place. Some of it deals with the highs and lows of blindly navigating the mental health obstacle course and eventually acquiescing to the routine.”

Staring at a Static Screen is out May 28 and you can pick it up right here! But, you can check out the band's new song, below, right now!