Well, here it is, finally, a quick bunch of questions I sent to the nice people at Boy Sets Fire. It's short, like most of my interviews. (I have a hideously short attention span) but I think it's indepth enough. Anyway, if you like them, or communists or whatever, click below.

1. Congratulations on your latest amazing record, and your signing to Victory. How do you feel signing to a larger hardcore-focused label like Victory is going to influence you, musically, and in terms of reach?

Due to victory we have been able to reach a larger audience…we get better distribution of our records. But the majority (all but two) songs were written months before we even knew what label we were going to go with. Our music style doesn't change based on what label we're on.

2. You guys wear your emotions pretty close to the surface on each record, and this record really dances between rage, and well, tears. How does a BSF song get written and where does the subject matter come from?

The lyrics are primarily written by nathan, the subject matter is derived from everyday life…what we experience, and what we see in the world around us. The music may start as one part that someone might show to the rest of us at practice, where someone else may have a part that goes well with it…we all give equal imput musically.

3. I've noticed some overt communist tones and ideals in your records, do you consider yourselves communists?

Two of us (nathan and josh) are members of the communist party. The rest of us don't have any specific political offiliation.

4. If you don't mind me asking, what happened to Darrell? Why did he leave the band?

He didn't leave, he was kicked out. He had different goals then the rest of the people in the band.

5. I really dug the Metallica split you guys did with Shai Hulud. What kind of stuff can we expect from you in the near future? Tours, records, eps, or whatever?

We;re going to be in europe from sept 20th to nov 7th…then we get home and go back out with snapcase for another 3 weeks in the us and canada starting nov 16th. We'll have a european single released within the next few weeks…it has an original, a cover of elton john's rocket man, and a spoken word.

6. Any chance your out of print material will become available again?

Probably not.

7. What are you reading right now? What are you listening to?

I just bought American Psycho to read on tour…I've been listening to Jurassic 5, cut chemist, dj shadow, jeru, de la, and cave in.

8. What do you guys think of the internet? Good or bad?

I'm a nerd. I do web design when i'm not on tour…i love it. I'm an addict.

9. I also really liked the mini-essay on the In Chrysalis disc. Especially, the mention of the bad blood between punk and hardcore. Do you feel part of either scene? Do you feel any animosity towards MRR and their militant slant?

I honestly haven't read MRR in a long long time, so i'm totally unfamiliar with anything they're doing… i don't feel apart of either scene really…i just make music, if any kids at all are into it, regardless of scene ties, i'm stoked.

10. There is definitely a spiritual influence in the lyrics. Do you guys affiliate yourselves with a religion? Are you atheists?

I feel that all religions have merit to a certain degree, i was raised catholic but have no ties to it anymore. Once any institution starts making money they usually become corrupt. The other guys might answer differently though…i dunno.

Anyway, I hope these questions weren't too intrusive… I'm just a big fan, and I'd really like to know what you guys think of things. Thanks for the interview, and the great records.