Pom Pom Squad

Brooklyn based Pom Pom Squad have announced that they are releasing a new album. The LP is called Death of a Cheerleader and is due out June 25 via City Slang Records. The band have also released a music video for their new song "Head Cheerleader". The video was directed by Mia Berrin and Julia Sub. The song features backing vocals from Tegan of Tegan and Sara. Pom Pom Squad last released their EP Ow in 2019. Check out the video and tracklist below.

Death of a Cheerleader Tracklist

1. Soundcheck

2. Head Cheerleader

3. Crying

4. Second That

5. Cake

6. Lux

7. Crimson + Clover

8. Red with Love

9. Forever

10. Shame Reactions

11. Drunk Voicemail

12. This Couldn't Happen

13. Be Good

14. Thank You and Goodnight