Leftover Crack to release 'Architects of Self-Destruction' Oral History

Leftover Crack will release an oral history of the band titled Architects of Self-Destruction on August 10 via Rare Bird Lit. You can pre-order it here, right how.

The book was written by LoC guitarist Brad Logan and Punknews' John Gentile. The book tells the entire history of the band via first-hand accounts from the break up of Choking Victim through the present day. Architects of Self-Destruction tells dozens of stories including the band's conflict with Hellcat Records, the donut social, the time they faced off against a gang in Florida, the riot in Phoenix where the band themselves actually started the riot, the fact that had the drummer not quit his job to tour with the band he would have died in 9/11, the destruction of Choking Victim, members quitting the band, members re-joining the band, members re-quitting the band, , innumerable intra-band conflicts, innumerable intra-band fistfights, and more.

Importantly, the book looks at both the positive and negative sides of the band. It looks at how the band is stridently anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic (and the resulting blowback), anarchist politics, why squats are important, and fighting for one's art. But, it also looks at the persistent conflict between the band members, how they have struggled with drugs and depression, and how a life of constant conflict affects a person.

To get a full picture, Logan and Gentile conducted hundreds of interviews with nearly one hundred subjects, including Sturgeon, Alec (RIP), Ara Babajian, Ezra Kire, Skwert, Pezent Shayne, Fat Mike of NOFX, Penny Rimbaud of Crass, Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy, Steve Albini, Dick Lucas of Subhumans, Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen, Mikey Erg, Dave Dictor of MDC, John John of Nausea, Pete of Bouncing Souls, Jack Terricloth of World/Inferno Friendship Society, Bill Cashman, Amery Smith of Suicidal Tendencies and Beastie Boys, members of Mischief Brew, members of Witch Hunt, members of F-Minus, members of Star Fucking Hipsters, employees of Hellcat Records, employees of Alternative Tentacles, employees of Fat Wreck Chords, metals health professionals, venue staff, tour drivers, residents of C-Squat, the elusive "Chickenman," and many, many more. Damian Abraham of Fucked Up pens the foreword.

Architects of Self-Destruction is available as a book, or also as a pre-order package. One package includes an exclusive t-shirt that will only be available during pre-order. The second package includes the book, the shirt, and and exclusive zine made as a companion to the book, that includes material that didn't fit in the book, more interviews, and other fun stuff.

That's all out August 10, but you can pre-order now right here.

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