by Freedumb

Jeff Lambert writes "Thanks to the good people in Freedumb Records among others, we Canadians will finally get to check out Raised Fist live, and for three weeks too!" Cool. Click for the actual dates.

16/10 Thetford Mines, QC - CAN
17/10 St-Jean, QC - CAN
18/10 Ottawa, QC - CAN
19/10 Montreal, QC - CAN
20/10 3-Rivieres, QC - CAN
21/10 Quebec, QC - CAN
22/10 Chicoutimi, QC - CAN
23/10 Victoriaville, QC - CAN
24/10 Cornwall, QC - CAN
25/10 Guelph, ON - CAN
26/10 London, ON - CAN
27/10 Toronto, ON - CAN
28/10 Rouyn Noranda, QC - CAN
29/10 Thunder Bay, ON - CAN
30/10 Winnipeg, MB - CAN
31/10 Brandon, ON - CAN
1/11 Sault-Ste-Marie, QC - CAN
2/11 St-Raymond, QC - CAN
3/11 Sept-Iles, QC - CAN
4/11 Drumondville, QC - CAN
5/11 Sherbrooke, QC - CAN

If you wish to check out these hardcore giants from Sweden, know that Sherbrooke (last show) is a mere 20 minutes north of the Vermont border. In fact, most of the cities where Raised Fist will play are too far for the true Raised Fist fan. It is highly possible that Raised Fist will be accompanied by Misconduct and Within Reach for the first two weeks. Thanks to Frank for the list, and go to for the latest news about the Quebec Hardcore Scene, including the Raised Fist tour.