Today, we are excited to debut the new track by The Raging Nathans!

You probably all know these scamps by now, but if you don't- The Raging Nathans hail from Ohio and they kick out mid-west style punk that that draws from both The Lawrence Arms and Ramones. That is to say, they like to smash it up, but they have feelings, too. Their new tune rips forward, but finds them "maturing" a little bit in terms of worldview.

The band's Josh Goldman spoke to Punknews about the new tune: "Waste My Heart covers a lot of ground for us in terms of both the actual music and the subject matter. The themes are more serious and complex than our previous records and there is an overall feeling of frantic tension. Most of our songs usually deal with things that are intensely personal and while this record maintains those kinds of songs, we also have some songs that deal with more general issues like politics and class and things that have grown to be more concerning to us in the past few years. It's the second record with the same line up and it's an important one because I think that it really shows the growth of the Raging Nathans not only as a band but as people and songwriters."

Their new album, Waste My Heart is out June 4 and you can pick it up right here. Meanwhile, you can hear "Freedom" below, right now!