We are so pleased to bring to you an all new Punknews Exclusive premiere for Cali pop-punkers Calmgrove. They share a new music video for their song "Fixate". The track is about self-doubt taking a toll on mental health. Calmgrove released their debut EP, Light on Your End in 2019. See below to check out the video for "Fixate" and to read a quote from the band about the track.

“Fixate is a song about obsessing over something that you feel like you are not good enough for. I wrote it during a time where I was struggling to reach a goal that I had set for myself and wasn't achieving the results I needed. I kept focusing on the negative in everything. This song is a reflection of how my self-doubt and being so hell-bent took a toll on my mental health.

We've been writing this song for a while and it's gone through a few revisions. When the pandemic hit, we started sending song ideas back and forth. Fixate was one of the songs we focused on growing and fine tuning to record. Sonically, the energy of the song reflects how my mind was racing and the line from the chorus, "I wish I never saw you through", is a nudge to all of the self-doubt I was holding in. We're so excited to finally be sharing new music with you all and promise there is a lot more on the way!” - Eric Guzman