Today, we are excited to debut the new video by Alpha Cat!

This one is a deep cut, baby. Alpha Cat aka Elizabeth McCullough first gained prominence on the college rock scene with the release of 1999's Real Boy EP and the subsequent Pearl Harbor LP from 2001. That album, which was produced by Fred Smith of art-punk legends Television, was daring mix of folk, no wave, and space music. The result was an album that was deeply personal, and deeply weird, that walked between real and surreal worlds. Although the release was a "buzz record" in the college scene, after the release of the LP, McCullough more or less disappeared from the music scene. You could make a comparison to Neutral Milk Hotel, but Alpha Cat is a little bit more gothy and a lot more raw.

Now, some 20 years later, Alpha Cat is re-releasing the album as Pearl Harbor 2020. The new version is remastered and has some bonus tracks, including the never before released "(Something to do having to do with…) Spring."

McCullough spoke to Punknews about the track:

This may be the only pure, innocent love song I have ever recorded! A story that didn't exactly end well, but with the help of Mike Shapiro, I feel together we captured the essence of a journey through the challenges of our past lives to a place where difficulties are resolved, oppositions are bridged, and ghosts are banished. And at the end is the lotus flower, which grows from the mud to fulfill the promise of it's beauty, and the Ace of Cups in the tarot, the beginning, the seed of pure unconditional love. A song written very early in my songwriting and recording career, this was recorded onto 4-track cassette and then the stereo cassette mix was mastered by my genius collaborative partner Brett Thorngren. Recorded sometime in 1993-1995, I remember that Jonathan Doyle plays the echo guitar, and then I did the rest…

The new version of Pearl Harbor is out via Aquamarine Records and you can check out the long lost tune below, right now!