Today, we are psyched to debut the new track by Middle-Aged Queers!

Middle-Aged Queers is a newish quartet of bay area punk veterans. Bassist Josh Levine played in Fang, No Alternative, and even a latter iteration of Flipper! Guitarist Mag Delena played in Yaphet Kotto and Bread & Circuits! Drummer Niki Pretti played in SPAG and the the Shudders! Vocalist Shaun Osburn played in Wet-Nap and The Cost (one of the final Lookout bands before the grezt collapse)!

The band throws back to their influences and kick out short, fast, and mean old school punk that could have come off Let them Eat Jellybeans. The twist is that whereas some of the old bands were explosive for the mere point of being explosive, Middle-Aged Queers have a targeted intelligence behind their punchy titles. Take the cheekily named "Size Queen" for example…

Osburn spoke to Punknews about the track: "This song is about the good ol' 'Murican mantra of 'bigger is better' and how its ubiquitousness seeps into every facet of our lives, even the bedroom."

"Size Queen" is from an upcoming split 7-inch with fellow Bay Area queercore band Lolly Gaggers and will be the first release from Turkey Baster Records in nearly a decade. but, you can hear the new track below, right now!