We're thrilled to kick your Saturday off with a new video from Toronto punk quartet Choices Made! We're excited to premiere a clip showcasing the title track to the group's blistering new EP, Reason for Conflict. You can check it out below!


Vocalist Josh Marostega commented on the feelings and frustrations explored in "Reason for Conflict":

"The song is about not getting lost in all the hate and division that is out there in the world right now. Some people feel isolated and even cornered by being forced to pick a side and I think really what it comes down to is that we all just need to treat each other with respect and to always be proud of being an individual in a world trying so hard to tell you how to think or feel.

The world needs change, it has for a long time, but we won't get there if we keep creating more conflict in between."

Bassist Andrew Wright revealed a bit on how the video came together:

"The idea came about while I was sitting on my sofa looking up at the Rat Fink and bobbleheads I have on my shelf. Being a fan of stop animation, the skating Rat Fink just made sense… I love the fact that this band is still so D.I.Y. The fact that we can all get together and put something like this together is amazing."

The new EP arrives via Cursed Blessings Records (the new label spearheaded by The Almighty Trigger Happy's Al Nolan). Reason for Conflict delivers six hard-driving new songs from the group, striking a bruising balance between the influence of tough New York hardcore and Californian speed. The new material follows up on the group's early 2020 EP Convince and the subsequent one-off singles "Won't Break" and "Irrational Reality." Vocalist Josh Marostega recorded the set, with Steve Rizun (The Flatliners, Junior Battles) mixing and mastering. You can snag a copy of the record on 7" through Cursed Blessings now, or grab the digital set at Bandcamp.

Choices Made features Josh Marostega on vocals with guitarist Steve Medeiros, bassist Andrew Wright, and drummer Mike Krazz.