Allie Goertz of Everything's Coming Up Simpsons visits This Might Be a Podcast
by Podcast's They Might Be Giants fan podcast This Might Be A Podcast, hosted by long-time Punknews contributor Greg Simpson, is doing a series of paid-download charity episodes with all money going to one of Greg's 5th grade student who is battling brain cancer, the money will go towards the student's medical bills, travel expenses and lodging required for the child's treatment.

The series will include episodes from Mike Park, Justin McElroy, Allie Goertz, former TMBG rhythm section Brian Doherty and Tony Maimone (who is also formerly Pere Ubu), and current TMBG bassist Danny Weinkauf. The first episode is available now for download for $3 or more on the podcast's bandcamp page.

The second episode features musician and podcaster Allie Goertz, who coincidentally Parry Gripp wrote a song about with Nerf Herder. She is a musician who has written songs about Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, Rick & Morty, The Simpsons, and many more pop culture touchstones, and hosts the popular Simpsons podcasts Everything's Coming Up Simpsons and Round Springfield, which is about to cap off their series with an episode with Matt Groening. On this charity TMBP episode Goertz and Greg discuss the They Might Be Giants song "Trouble Awful Devil Evil." Head to the bandcamp to donate to Garrett's brain cancer chemotherapy treatments. Find it here!