Today, we are pleased to debut the new track by Speed the Plough!

New Jersey's Speed the Plough have been consistently cranking out avant-garde indie rock since 1984 and their latest material is some of their trippiest yet. "Days of Confusion" feels like early Pink Floyd meets the instrumental side of Boris. The track tumbles and creeps, sometimes flashing a comforting melody, and sometimes flipping your guts upside down.

The group's John Baumgartner spoke to Punknews about the track:"This song, the last in our Before & After Silence project, originated as a literal afterthought. I was recording some piano parts for another song last summer when I stumbled on the idea for something else. Set up to record anyway, I pressed play and explored the idea, a take on the musical traditions of contrasts. Instead of soft/loud or slow/fast, I tried shifting from chaos to comfort. We wanted to enlist some particularly adventurous players for the song so we reached out to musical compatriots who have been in our orbit for 30 years or more and who happen to be two of our favorite guitarists, Matt Piucci of Rain Parade and Tara Key of Antietam. To put a bow on things we brought back John Demeski, whose drums and cymbals became the perfect punctuation."

You can check out "Days of Confusion" below, right now!