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Big D and the Kids Table have announced that they are releasing a new album. The album is called Do Your Art and will be out October 22 via SideOneDummy. The band have also released a video for their first single "Too Much". The video was directed by Dan Dobi. Big D and the Kids Table released Stomp / Stroll in 2013. Check out the song and tracklist below.

Do Your Art Tracklist

Dead Bottle

Too Much



How About a Pizza?

Metal in the Microwave

Med Her Lazy

New Day

You Buggin' (feat. Melt-Banana)

Teenagers from Outer Space

Lost In London

Beautiful Way (feat. The Doped Up Dollies)

Strong & Fair (feat. The Doped Up Dollies)

Tripping Over Shoelaces


Baby Ruth, Zagnut, Zero, Chicken Dinner, Bit-o-Honey, Snickers, Milky Way

Militant Humorist

Forever a Freak (feat. The Doped Up Dollies)

Race Car Song

Danny and Nannie