American Football

Steve Lamos, drummer and trumpet player for American Football has left the band, He announced this in a statement on the band's social media pages that reads,

Hi all:

After many years with American Football, my life situation has changed. Unfortunately, I now need to move on from the band.

I'd like to thank Mike, Holmes, Nate, Garzon, and Cory; Amber, Cara, and Butch; Jason, Jim, and Todd; Matt, Darcie, Seth, and everyone else at Polyvinyl; Atiba, Damien, Evan, SB, Sarah V, Dan, Sarah T, Metric, Logan, and the many other amazing artists and people whom I've come to know through AF. I wish you all the best as the band moves on to its next phase.

Finally, I'd like to thank AF fans: you have provided me with some truly amazing experiences - and some truly amazing memories. I'm deeply grateful.


American Football released American Football in 2019. See the post below.