We are thrilled to bring to you a Punknews Exclusive music video premiere for Knoxville punks Rough Dreams. The single is called "Cursed at The Sun". The single will be off of the band's upcoming September 2021 release titled Disappear. Reappear., the album is available for pre-order on orange vinyl here. See below to check out the video and a quote from the band.

“This is the oldest song on the album. I wrote the verses and chorus almost 10 years ago and just never did anything with it. While we were writing songs for the album, I came up with the intro riff and the bridge while just jamming alone at the practice space one night. It’s basically, a fictional story about a woman who’s just had enough and makes her own rules. She walks into a bar, takes her pick of who she wants, rides home on a motorcycle with a stranger, then steals his bike the next morning and drives away. That’s it.” – Jake Jones (Vocals/Guitars)