The saga of Wu-Tang Clan's Once Upon a Time in Shaolin continues. To refresh your memory, a few years ago, Wu-Tang announced that they had made a new album, but had only made a single copy of that record. The album was sold to the highest bidder who bid $2 million, which made the record the most expensive album ever sold. That buyer of course turned out to be all around d-bag, martin Shkreli.

But, after Shkreli got the record, he was convicted of three felonies related to security fraud and had his assets seized by the Federal government, including his Wu-Tang album.

Today, the Feds revealed that they sold the record to an undisclosed buyer for an undisclosed amount. Confidentiality was a requirement of the sale. It appears we may never see or hear from this mysterious record again. You can read the EDNY's press release right here.