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us "Hey everyone, the University at Buffalo student radio station WRUB is finally back on the internet for your listening enjoyment. Just click on here and you can listen to the greatness, or visit here for general information… Of course, my show with Matt Deathsickle will be on Tuesday from 6-10 pm, featuring all of you favorite Buffalo punk and hardcore bands, as well as Matt's crazy hour of Japanese hardcore insanity. Other shows you guys may be into are Heather's show from 4-6 pm on Tuesday's (indie/screamo), Long Island Matt's show from 6-8 pm on Friday (all styles of hardcore), Alex's show 2-4 pm on Friday's as well (punk/hardcore), and Justin's show Saturday from 6-8 pm (straight up punk stuff)."

Assume all those times listed are in EST, check WRUB for details on these shows.