Watch the new video from For Lack of a Term!

Today, we are stoked to bring you the premiere for the new video from New York's For Lack of a Term! The video is for their new song "JawBreakers" and features Nick Quiles of Another Astronaut. Lead singer Ryan Dempsey said of the track

"Jawbreakers is a nostalgic song. When we’d spend our days getting into trouble with our friends and just going wherever the nights took us. And while the beginning of the song is a love song for those good old days, the latter half is about the inevitable fallout and some of the consequences that often came with living a little too recklessly. Similar to biting into a jawbreaker just to fill your sweet tooth.”

The song is off their upcoming album Welcome To Your Normal that will be out December 7 and you can save it here. For Lack of a Term released their EP Recalibrate in 2019. Check out the video below.

Sep 11, 2021LAUNCH Music ConferenceLancaster, PA