Today, we are psyched to debut the new track by Purple Witch of Culver!

Purple Witch of Culver is a duo composed of saxophonist Sarah Safaie and multi-instrumentalist Evan Taylor. While the duo usually welds drum machines and synths into their recordings, for "Seven of Wands," they went more organic… and it's still a little creepy. The tune also includes Tim Young (Late Late Show band) on guitar and Jon Schwarz (Derde Verde) on bass.

Notably, there's a bit of "Strawberry Fields Forever" in this track- but while that songs drifts along with a pleasant amble, "Seven of Wands" feels like the flip side of the coin- it's a sinister drip and Taylor's vocals sounds like they are melting. Often, when bands throw back to the psychedelic heyday, they make "happy music." Thankfully, this track has a lot of little menacing creatures in the shadows. For the tune, Taylor cryptically states, "loss is a factor of every person's life. A life lived strong is celebrated." Safaie provides some clairfication (we think): "We are at a precipice, which makes sense reflecting on the course of 2021. Things are young, things are sometimes the illusion of back to normal but you can't ignore change is in the air."

The tune is out via Lontaka records and you can hear it below, right now!