Theorna of No Commercial Value on Architects of Self-Destruction: A Leftover Crack podcast!

Architects of Self-Destruction: The Oral History of Leftover Crack is out now! The book was co-written by Leftover Crack's Brad Logan and Punknews' John Gentile. You can pre-order it right here!

Recently, the authors launched a 10 episode, limited run podcast. The program features Logan and Gentile interviewing people that contributed to the book. Interviews look at both the subjects' interaction with LoC, and their life outside of the LoC orbit.

In Episode #8, we talk to Theorna! Before there was Leftover Crack, there was Choking Victim… and before there was Choking Victim, there was No Commercial Value! Theorna, along with Sturgeon, Alec, and Mike O, was a founding member of NCV (she's credited as "Olivia" in the band). In this episode, Theorna talks about NCV's earliest days, their sole recording, the end of the group, and her California raver/DJ adventures! You can check out the episode below! You can follow Theorna on Instagram right here!