Today, we are mega psyched to debut the new video by post-punk icon Mark Stewart!

You all know Stewart from the ground breaking, envelope pushing Pop Group… or maybe you know him from the reggae/punk envelope pushers New Age Steppers]… or maybe you know him from his dozens of space-punk collaborations with Adrian Sherwood… well anyway, he's got a new thing going on and it is RAD.

"Last Enemy" is the first collaboration between Stewart and electornic/acitvist group Consolidated. The tune features both crews doing what they do best- the cold stomp of post-punk is then pushed and warped and molded into other frames through all manner of remixing, electric processing, and, well. blenderizing. The track is cold, hard, and aggressive, but you can bug out to it, too.

Speaking to Punknews, Stewart said, ""La luta continua -brothers from another planet. Consolidated for me have always 'remorsesly turned up the heat’ on this savage world of layrinthine intrigue /a debt of honor is paid by me in this collab’the last enemy’-humanity must not pay the price.”

They also have another collaboration planned which will appear on Mark's upcoming album VS/ Verses album. You can check out the new video below, right now!