Check out the new album by Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber!

Today we are psyched to debut the new album by Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber! It is far out, man!

The group is directed by Greg Tatte (of the Village Voice) and Jared Michael Nickerson (the dude that played in Bernie Worrel solo band!), they make trippy, daring music the merges jazz, rock, post-punk, dub, and really, anything that's mind melting. The new release, Angels Over Oakanda is a four song suite that finds them traveling their entire music galaxy and putting out something that is decidedly HEAVY.

Greg Tate spoke to Punknews: "From the hive-mind of the Burnt Sugar Arkestra Chamber massive comes Angels Over Oakanda a new four song suite of Conducted Improvisations and home studio orchestrations which treat space time and genre like transdimensional silly-putty while giving polyphonic and multi-rhythmic dap to the visionary legacies of The Moors and the Black Panther Party."

You can check out the whole album below, right now!