Listen to the new song from Virginity!

Today we are very excited to bring you the premiere of Florida based power punk band Virginity's new song! The song is called "Best Friend" and is off their upcoming album POPMORTEM. The band said of the track,

“Best Friend is a song about how sometimes you drift from people that are important to you in life, and about how, more often than not, it’s because of a falling out or a fight—but rather just shitty circumstances. Life can beat the fuck out of people and it can change them and suddenly you’re drifting apart and you don’t know how to stop it. I think everyone’s experienced this on some level. Obviously, this song is pretty specific and it’s, for me, about one of my best buds growing up. I long for that friendship to be what it used to be and I know it won’t be again. I hope that when people hear it they’ll feel a sense of that sadness, but also that sort of communion in knowing it’s a kind of universal experience."

POPMORTEM will be out October 15 via Smartpunk Records and it can be pre-ordered here. Virginity released Death to the Party in 2020. Listen to the song below!