We are so thrilled to bring to you a Punknews exclusive music video premiere for UK based pop-punker Who Saved The Hero. The video is for the single "Closure" and is out now through Lost Music Collective. See below to check out the single and a quote from singer/guitarist Josh Frederick.

Closure is a little bit different for us as a track as musically I went for more of a rough punk rock sound for it. The track is written about a relationship where you constantly get knocked back to the ground multiple times and manipulated and the other person is thriving from this but in a make believe world of their own. These three lines from the song really sum the track up.

The first line that sums the track is the opening line to Closure “If you take a step back sometimes and observe your own surroundings you will see the mess we’re in right now” this line come from when you realize how bad the situation you are in has become.

The second line that sums the track up is the line. “About the night you turned and said to me be a man I was never meant to be” This line was written for the first verse and it was the point I realized I was being manipulated and turned in to someone I wasn’t and didn’t want to be during the relationship.

The Third line that sums the track up is the line. “This is the last time the final time I say goodbye and this is the last time the final time I say goodbye and” This line is one of the most important line in the lyrics of Closure because it shows that yeah I was in a horrible situation and that situation really made my mental health bad but no matter how bad something gets you will be okay and you just need to stay strong and keep positive.

Another thing I do love about the lyrics of Closure is the chorus. The first line is “I’m taking back Sunday when I thought I stood a chance” the quirkiness of this line is I used the name of the band Taking Back Sunday but I also Use the name of my favorite track by them Stood A Chance.

I really hope that people around the world can relate to this track like I di d writing it and if it can help anyone at all then that would make me beyond happy.

Written by Josh Frederick Singer and Guitarist