Today, we are THRILLED to debut the new song by Dan Vapid and the Cheats!

The band has a brand new album coming out! Escape Velocity is out November 5th via Eccentric Pop Records and it features Dan and the boys tearing through some classic bubblegum punk jams. But, this one has a bit of a darker vibe to it. As you know, COVID wreaked havoc with pretty much everyone's life, everywhere, and that obviously influenced the band's mindset and sound. But interestingly, the moral the band took from the pandemic was to seize the day, because you never know when the day will end.

Speaking to Punknews, Dan said: "Escape Velocity exemplifies the trials and tribulations the Coronavirus pandemic has had on all of us. But life goes on. And the year hiatus made clear that this life is too short to not do what you love. The single, ‘Runaway Jane’ is inspired by John Updike’s novel, Rabbit, Run. I thought about what it would be like if a woman from a small town in Illinois left her husband without giving him a warning. I pictured a woman who felt she lived her entire life serving the prescribed roles in our society, only for it to blow into a middle-age existential crisis.”

You can check out the new album right here! But, before then, you can hear the lead single, "Runaway Jane," below, right now!