U.K. Subs

The U.K. Subs have fired drummer Jamie Oliver, as first reported by Punktuation. On Friday, Conservative MP Sir David Amess was killed in a surpirse ambush attack, which is being treated by authorities as a terroristic act. After the attack, Oliver posted a statement on social media making light of the situation, which has since been removed. After this post was made, UK Subs made the deciison to remove the drummer from the band.

UK Subs stated on social media: Jamie Oliver leaves the U.K. Subs / Following a social media post by Subs drummer Jamie Oliver on Friday 15 October, all four members of the band; Charlie, Alvin, Steve and Jamie had discussions together on Sunday, and it has been decided after these conversations that Jamie will leave the band with immediate effect - additionally, the U.K. Subs would like to assure everyone that they will be playing all their forthcoming scheduled shows, but with a new drummer."

The band's Alvin Gibbs added: "“It gives me no pleasure to announce that following his post seemingly celebrating the tragic and abhorrent death of Conservative MP David Amess, by the hands of a terrorist, Charlie Harper, Steve Straughan, and I have decided Jamie Oliver will no longer continue as drummer for the UK Subs. Jamie has already been informed of this and completely understands why it’s necessary. Today we discussed Jamie’s rationalisation for his post as a tasteless joke at length and jointly concluded it’s simply not viable enough an excuse for us to continue to work with him. I put up a post yesterday offering what he told me was his motivation for the things he wrote, which I believe is a genuine if an extremely misguided attempt at satire, but as some of you commented thereafter, it is simply not good enough. Jamie has been a stalwart of the UK Subs for many years now, a major figure in the band. He is one of the finest drummers in the world, and his playing and musical input will be greatly missed. It’s sad that things have come to this, but we must all take responsibility for our words as well as our actions. The UK Subs will fulfil all future gig and touring commitments with a replacement drummer."

Gibbs added later: "“OK, let me clarify a few things for you regarding my post about Jamie Oliver’s parting from the UK Subs. First off, I’m just the messenger… this does not mean it’s my responsibility to take the criticism for whatever we’ve decided to impart alone. This was a band decision based on a conversation with Jamie himself, who agreed it was the best way to go and even himself suggested not doing next weeks shows in France. Part of the rationale for this was that we had received solid information that Jamie was going to be targeted by certain elements who intended to do him serious harm at forthcoming gigs because of his post. Being in a band makes you visible, anyone can just look at your touring schedule and see where you’re playing and turn up to inflict violence on whoever, and we didn’t want that to happen to Jamie. We had received solid information that Jamie was going to be targeted by certain elements who intended to do him serious harm at forthcoming gigs because of his post. We also have a 77-year-old singer who needs to be protected, and we’re not in a financial position to hire bodyguards to care for Charlie for when these goons decide to turn up - and believe me, if Jamie was still doing shows with us, they would have and he and others could have been seriously hurt. Secondly, will people please stop adding comments like ‘this isn’t Punk rock’ - this is reality, not social media bullshit; and anyway, I’ll take no lectures on what Punk rock is from anyone…”