Mouth Congress announce compilation album, release video

Mouth Congress, the punk duo made up of Scott Thompson and Paul Bellini of Kids in the Hall and active in the 1980s, have announced that they will be releasing a compilation album called Waiting For Henry. The album features 29 songs including live recordings and will be out December 10 via Captured Tracks. They have also released a video for their song "The People Have Spoken" which features archival footage of the band performing live and was edited by Paul Bellini. The song was recorded live during one of the band's shows at the Rivoli club in Toronto in the 80s. Mouth Congress released a live album, Live at the Rivoli, in 2016 and made a three-song EP, Ahhhh The Pollution that was recorded in 1987 available digitally in 2020. Check out the video and tracklist below.

Waiting For Henry Tracklist

1. Sex and Love

2. Be My Hole

3. Heavy Breather

4. I Guess I'll Just Jerk Off Again

5. Wind in My Belly

6. Guilt

7. Band from France

8. Tom

9. Womyn

10. What is This Thing Called Love

11. Fascist Love Song

12. Lullaby on Blow

13. Why

14. We Back Together

15. Young and Alive

16. Thanks for the Disco

17. A Wig

18. Pepper Pot

19. Lorenzo the Chef

20. Give In

21. The People Have Spoken

22. What Do I Wear on a Trip to the Moon

23. Christopher

24. Testicle Delight

25. Water Nymph

26. A Queen's Lament

27. Julie Newmar

28. Madamifesto

29. Let's Hear it for Show Business