Today, we are pleased to debut the new video by Ricky Rochelle!

So, to get to the point, this video is totally rad in almost every way. You old school punkers probably remember those classic Rankin/Bass Christmas specials- most notably Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Well, Ricky Rochelle has taken a crack at the iconic style and has come up with something a little less… heartwarming… and a lot more bloodthirsty.

In the stop motion video for "Yeti in the Snow," the arctic beast rampages around and rips humans limb form limb over and over. In a flip of Empire Strikes Back, our Yeti also gets revenge for what happened to his Wampa cousin. In fact the retro throwback is by design. tHe video was made by Thomas R. Smith or Robot Chicken and the Simpsons! Wow!

Meanwhile, Ricky kicks out 90 seconds of melodic pop punk that echoes the Ramones and the Queers but also sort of gives us some empathy for the rampaging beast.

So Far So Good is out February 2022 via Eccentric Pop. Check out this amazing video below, right now!