Check out the new track by Broken Vow!

We’re psyched to give you an exclusive stream from Broken Vow. The band, whose members are scattered across the northeast, are gearing to up release their first EP, “Sane Minds End.” The EP will see a split release from New Morality Zine and Sunday Drive Records.

Broken Vow offer powerful and intense hardcore that vibes on the metallic influence made so impactful back in the nineties. The song exclusively streaming here is “Illusion,” and it kicks with pounding drum beats and bass lines that sit just behind driving guitar riffs filled with clever harmonics and leads. The vocals do particularly well in balancing the aggressive scream typical to hardcore with clarity and layering that allows for the listener to better connect with the band’s lyrical content.

“Illusion” is the first track on the forthcoming EP which will see preorders go up on November 9th through both New Morality Zine and Sunday Drive Records. Interestingly, the band has been waiting to get these songs out there. “Having such a long and divided time frame to write the material made a great impact on how we went about refining songs and structure. Some of these songs we’ve been sitting on for over a year at this point and we can’t wait to share them with the world. I think this is a wonderful snapshot in the growth of Broken Vow,” offers vocalist Tommy Harte. Stream “Illusion” below and certainly keep an eye on Broken Vow.

Photo credit: Agi Hueller