You all know the Smoking Popes. The Chicago group has been kicking out high energy, melodic pop punk for over 30 years (with a few breaks here and there) wherein frontman Josh Caterer applies his smooth croon to some chunky riffs.

Well, now that iconic croon is being applied to something a bit more traditional. On December 17, Caterer is releasing The SPACE Sessions. Caterer reunites with bassist John San Juan (Hushdrops) and drummer John Perrin (NRBQ)/

One of the releases highpoints is a surprise cover of "White Christmas," where Caterer goes toe-to-toe with ol' Blue eyes before breaking the song down into a spastic, skronky jam.

Speaking to Punknews, Caterer said, "I grew up with all these amazing classic versions of White Christmas…Crosby, Sinatra, Elvis. It’s the kind of song that’s so well written, you can do it a thousand different ways. Our version is maybe a little raw, but I think it captures the spirit of the song and puts a new spin on it.”

You can check out the video for the tune below.