Sadly, Angelic Upstarts have posted that frontman Thomas Mensforth is in the ICU. As of yesterday, he is battling covid and is not fairing well. His family released a statement, which you can read below. We wish Mesnforth a speedy recovery.

Angelic Upstarts statement Thank you for all the messages and support to Mensi who is fighting Covid at the moment. An update from his family:

Just a update for everyone
Dad is in ICU and still very poorly, all the family are hoping and praying for positive news daily.
He has a long road to recovery ahead and is in the best place possible to help him.
He cannot use his phone or see facebook
We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope for the best. He is a fighter and is fighting everyday and this will never change
Hopefully when we post next i will have some better and positive news to share.
He also has 100's of messages there is too many to reply too when there is some news i will post it
Thank you everyone