Diet Cig
by Tours

Diet Cig have cancelled their winter tour dates that were set to begin later this month. The band announced this in a statement on their Instagram page that reads in part,

"genuinely so sad to announce that our winter tour dates are canceled due to covid never-endingly raging through our communities we’re not rescheduling these dates. to be honest we’re so burnt out from the constant reschedule-cancel-reschedule-cancel cycle and are accepting this as a chance to take a breather, keep focusing on new music, and prepare to put on the best show possible once it’s safe

we’re so sorry to anyone who’s disappointed, we’re disappointed too. if you know us at all you know playing live is the main reason we treasure getting to make music together, the connection with y’all is unparalleled when we’re able to get up there and dance and scream and holler together. it’s really important for us to put our safety, the safety of our crew AND our fans first though, and it just feels too sketchy out there.

we love you so much, can’t wait to see ya once it’s less scary out there.

Diet Cig released their album Do You Wonder About Me? in 2020. See the post in full below.