Samantha Landa of The Anti-Queens leaves band

The Anti-Queens have announced that their drummer Samantha Landa has left the band. The band released a statement on social media that reads in part,

"Sam has left the Anti-Queens to focus her time on her other band. She brought a breath of fresh air to AQ that we will always be grateful for. We’re glad we got the opportunity to play and work with someone so in tune with the goals of this band and industry, and we wish her all the best in the future. We know she’s gonna kill it. We want to take this time to thank Sam for everything she’s contributed to The Anti-Queens in the short time we got with her, and we will miss her presence very much.

We have a lot of announcements coming up, including shows, new band members, and album updates."

The Anti-Queens released their self-titled album, The Anti-Queens in 2019. See the post in full below.